Welcome to Dirty Dawgs

12770 Newell Avenue, Lindstrom, MN, 55045  (651) 724-8057

Shop Hours

Tuesday-Friday  Noon - 7:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed Sunday & Monday

Appointments required


Full Service Grooming

This includes a full groom, bath, nail trim and ear cleaning

  • Small Pets, 10 lbs & smaller $25.00

  • Medium Pet, 11-49 lbs. $30.00

  • Large Pet, 50-99 lbs. $35.00

  • Extra large pt, over 100 lbs. $40.00

Self Serve Bathing

We have everything you need; shampoo, conditioner, grooming tools, towels, a high powered dryer

  • Small Pets, 10 lbs or smaller $12.00
  • Medium Pet, 11-49 lbs. $15.00 

  • Large Pet, 50-99 lbs. $20.00

  • Extra large Pet, over 100 lbs . $25.00

Cat Services

  • Nail Trim & Brushing - self-serve $12,00, full service $17.00

  • Bath - self-serve $12,00, full service $17.00

  • Full service clipping or The Lion's Cut $25.00

Other Services

  • Nail Trim $8.00

Full Serve Grooming

Grooming by Doug or Mary Kay includes a full groom to owner's specification. Grooming includes a thorough bath with shampoo & conditioner, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Depending upon breed, grooming may involve furminating, electric clippers, or scissor styles.

Self Serve Wash

Owners are welcome to wash their pets themselves. We have everything you need; shampoo, conditioner, towels, and grooming tools.  Owners Doug & Mary Kay will be available to help, including assistance with nail trimming. 

Cat Services

We love our feline family members.  Get your long furred cat a Lion's Cut. They look great and it helps them stay clean, healthy and reduces matting of the fur.  For short haired cats, a bath will help with dander and hydration of the skin. We ask cats arrive in an enclosed crate for safety and security, thank you.


We originally opened our business in June 2011 on Hwy 8 in Lindstrom MN with a self-serve model in mind.  We quickly expanded and started offering both self serve and full service grooming. 

In June 2013, we moved to 12770 Newell Ave in Lindstrom, formerly known as Poik's Barber Shop.

Because our new shop is smaller, it makes it difficult to accommodate walk-ins or same day appointments.  

Plan ahead and make an appointment, call 651-724-8057.


The self serve option is great for;

  • Newly adopted pets who's behavior is unknown 
  • Pets who have special behavioral concerns or needs
  • Pets who would do better with their owner present
  • Pet owners who enjoy &want to groom their own furry friend

Doug or Mary Kay will always be available to assist.

If full service is your choice, pet owners are welcome to stay while we groom. Or you can drop-off and pick up when done. All we ask is that you pick up your furry friend when we call. We don't have the space or manpower to keep your pet.  We want to offer all our pets a safe, stress free and happy experience!